DOMINIC KIRWAN – keeping it in the family


Irish favourite Dominic Kirwan took time out from his latest tour of the UK to talk about his newly recorded album. It’s his first for a long time and takes a fresh look at some 70’s classics. ‘I hadn’t been in the studios for three years and we were going through some songs. When you are on the road, people hand you bits of paper with song titles. Suddenly we found this concept of 70s songs staring us in the face. There are great songs on this album, including a new one written specially for me by Terry Bradford and Sussie Arvesen’

Terry Bradford? Now there’s a name from the past! 
‘Yes, I’ve gone back to Terry Bradford. Terry was instrumental in my early days and produced my two chart albums: ‘On the Way to a Dream’ and ‘The Music’s Back’. Then, of course, he had all that success with Charlie Landsborough. But I’m back with Terry now and very happy too. The album’s sounding really good’.
There is also a new 3-track single – taken from the new album. ‘It can only be purchased from our website or from the concerts on this tour.’
It’s a promotional shot for the new album. ‘It will not be on the Rosette label but on an independent label – our own label – but it’s very early days still.’

For all his success, Omagh born Dominic Kirwan remains grounded and he is now looking to the future a little differently. The new label will not only be releasing Dom’s recordings but also those of Colm Kirwan, whose first cd ‘That’s my Goal’, proves that the Kirwan talent has been passed along.
‘My son has come on board now and this is really an introduction for him’. Colm Kirwan graduated from Mountview Drama School in London, with a Degree in musical and performing arts. Last year he toured with Bill Kenwright’s production of ‘Jesus Christ, Superstar’, playing in the ensemble and understudying the lead. 

‘That was a great experience for him but he wants to do more.’ explained his dad ‘When we were looking for a support act he was auditioning for all these shows, getting call-backs and being told that 75% of all actors are generally out of work, so he chose to do this. I thought it was a great opportunity for him to gain the knowledge of being one-to-one with the audience, to communicate’. 
With his father to guide him, Colm couldn’t have chosen a better teacher and they are busy working on a new act.

This interview in full appeared in Irish Post Dec 16 2006

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