Believing that her Canadian musician lover wants rid of her, Sue Graham flees Canada, returning to England where she heads for Cornwall, arriving at the tiny north coast village of Portmerryn.

Once there, Sue finds herself caught up in a bizarre series of events involving several of the locals, all seemingly linked in some mysterious game.

Then with the unexpected arrival of her estranged lover, Liam Meredith, she hopes she may have acquired an ally with whom to share these eerie and dangerous incidents, but he is only interested in sorting out their personal problems. Consumed with these problems, Sue and Liam are helpless as the ruins of Rosmerryn, the once majestic Manor House on the cliffs, set in motion a strange journey of mystery and romance, linking them with the long dead Lady Carenza and enigmatic smuggler, Captain La Roux, whose tempestuous relationship ended with the violent moment of betrayal when La Roux narrowly escaped death. Although she pleaded to go with him, the Captain cursed Carenza's soul to damnation. ‘Not in this life, m’Lady’.

Later, she miscarries their baby and Carenza retreats to the nearby Monastery, placing herself in the care of the Franciscan monk, Brother Dominic. She cuts herself off from friends and family, leaving Rosmerryn to her faithful retainer, Joseph, instructing him to discharge her affairs as he will.

Carenza has lost the Captain and the will to live.

In this modern age of science can reincarnation be a fact? Some cultures believe it is possible for the spirit to return to right a wrong of two hundred years ago. They believe love can transcend the barrier of time to be continued in another time, another place; to be fulfilled now as was intended.

Two hundred years ago, Carenza died alone and broken, accused of betraying La Roux but the gypsies who arrive to camp at the ruins know better. They ‘talk with the spirits’ and know that she loved him, warning that she has waited long enough.

Carenza has returned for the Captain

Gathering at the Ruins, the gypsies, led by the burly Daniel and his matriarchal mother, Rowena, explain that they have been sent to guide Sue and Liam back to Cornwall of the 1790s. Once the truth is disclosed, only then will the spirits rest, leaving Sue and Liam free to move on and be happy. But the journey back proves life threatening for Sue as the maniacal Liam closes in on her.

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